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As fully qualified tree surgeons we provide a range of services and techniques to deal with your tree and hedge problems.


We remove all waste and leave the site the way we found it. Below are some of the more common techniques we use. Every job has its own unique requirements, all of which are discussed and arranged within our on-site, free, no obligation quotation.

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Crown Reduction

Used when you’re looking to keep the tree for the long term, but it has become a problem due to the tree in question simply growing too big for its environment. For example; the canopy of the tree overgrowing onto a building or a neighbour’s property or a public highway. We usually recommend a reduction of the whole canopy, no more than a third but sometimes more, depending on how great an impediment the problem has become. All branches are pruned to relative growth points and lowered using ropes where necessary.


This is a pruning technique in which the upper branches of a tree are removed back to the growth knuckles, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches. Only certain species react well to this process like ash, willow, oak, lime, maple.

Crown Thinning

This is normally carried out upon a mature tree in which the client is happy with the size and shape of the specimen but feels the canopy is in need of the removal of inner branches. This involves a tree climber to remove secondary, rubbing or crossing branches from inside the tree. This process allows the wind to pass through the crown with less disturbance and a reduced risk of branch failure. Also, this allows light to reach lower foliage around the tree.

Dead Wooding

This is also necessary if the tree is situated in a public area and there is a risk of falling branches. If the crown has dead limbs within the canopy, our trained climbers can access the deadwood and reduce the tree back to fresh growth to reduce the risk of failing limbs.

Crown Raising

We do this when the height of the tree is fine, but the lower branches have started to become impractical when the branches overhang roofs, guttering or walkways, allowing for the need to raise these lower branches to fit in with the crown’s overall shape, where possible.

Hedge Work

Overgrown hedges may need to be reduced and maintained to a more manageable height. We offer a hedge program that suits a variety of situations and budgets.

Tree Felling

A tree may need to be felled to ground level and removed due to disease, or due to the need for space. This procedure is carried out with a sectional dismantle of the tree into a safe area underneath, using lowering rope techniques by the tree climber and groundsmen where necessary. All the debris can be disposed of and removed from site, or if you prefer; left in logs for wood fuel or ground cover in wild areas. We also can process branches into Biochar on site; go to Biochar services for more information.

Firewood Processing

We run a portable wood splitter which many customers find useful. The wood can be split into logs on site, if you don’t have access to a chainsaw or axe or are just not able to. If you have a wood burner or an open fire and you regularly buy seasoned hardwood logs, this firewood splitting service we offer can save you a small fortune. By using your own wood, conveniently split by myself and my team, and often from the tree we have just felled at your property, this can be a green and cost effective alternative. All you need is some space at your property for the wood to season. We can offer advice on different wood species and best practices to get the best burn.

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We try to maintain a highly Sustainable outlook on all aspects of our work and wish for both the best outcome for the tree and yourselves, giving advice where necessary.

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