“We cover all aspects of tree work.”

We are proud to say we are fully NPTC Qualified and insured up to 5 Million in public liability.

We cover all aspects of tree work including the locking up of Carbon from your tree waist in the form of Biochar. For more information regarding Biochar and its benefits, please follow the blog or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! We offer a variety of charring expertise for the Agricultural, Horticultural and Equine industry.

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Site Clearance

Deadwooding, Crown reduction , Crown thinning, Crown Cleaning , Crown Lifting , Woodland Thinning , Hedge Trimming, Pollarding, Coppicing, Re-Shaping, Tree felling.


All high quality Hardwood under 15% moisture, bulk loads or individually netted bags. Will deliver.

BBQ Charcoal

Restaurant grade charcoal, locally sourced hardwoods that give a truly grilled taste!!


The revival of the Ancient technique dating back to the Mayans. When char is used as a soil amender/feed additive to the benefit of the Soil, Atmosphere and Life growth, if used in a Sustainable manner!!

Char Rental Services

We offer a variety of rental options for both manned and unmanned pyrolosis Kilns.

Storm Damage

Storm damaged trees that are in need of immediate work to make surrounding areas safe. Giving advice were necessary.

We try to maintain a highly Sustainable outlook on all aspects of our work and wish for both the best outcome for the tree and yourselves, giving advice where necessary.